Order Your Personal Newark Shuttle to JFK

Why Travel by Shuttle

Has airport shuttle Тewark travel ever seemed particularly appealing to you? It’s a great way to get from point A to point B. You can book in advance, saving the hassle of calling a taxi, and it’s easy to get yourself and your luggage stowed away safely. It’s a comfortable way to travel without having to worry about driving.

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JFK Quick Facts

The John F. Kennedy Airport is one of three airports that service the New York area. It’s a hub for many airports, and the primary operating base for JetBlue. It’s located in Queens, just southeast of lower Manhattan, and it’s the fifth busiest airport and the busiest international passenger gateway in the USA. It’s the busiest in New York, so get prepared for bustle! JFK is an important airport for many, and there’s a good chance you’ll be flying out of it, so you need to make sure you can get some transportation.

Newark to JFK Shuttle List

These shuttles are the best options for getting you quickly and safely from Newark to JFK. Distance are calculated from Newark Airport.

  • Supershuttle: Supershuttle’s $175 fee includes a van that can carry up to 10 passengers, including luggage. Tips aren’t included, but tolls and fees are, so don’t worry about the tedium of scrambling at the toll booth.
  • All County Express Shuttle: At a very reasonable $32 per person, All County’s airport to airport service is one of the cheapest it offers. The 11-passenger van allows two pieces of luggage and a small carry-on per person, so don’t worry too much about whether or not your suitcase will fit.
  • Caramel Limo: $74.00 for a four-door sedan that carries 1-4 passengers is Caramel Limo’s asking price, which is pretty good if you fill it to capacity. The same trip in an actual limousine (8-person) will put you back $439.00.
  • Go Air Link Shuttle: It’s about $200 per vehicle for Go Air Link for this trip. You can take up to three people and three bags, so make sure that you’re maximizing your savings by getting a full load. It may be noted that for only $30 more you can get an 11-passenger van, enabling you to split the cost much more.
  • Black Lane: Blacklane’s $129 price tag allows for up to three people and two pieces of luggage. Tolls and tips are included.

Get the Right Shuttle Now

Like any traveler, you deserve service that makes you less stressed, not more so. It’s easier to get it than you ever dreamed with our tips and tricks. Go out there and book yourself the shuttle you deserve at the price you want.

The Newark shuttle to JFK is within your grasp – just learn how to get it on our website!