Order the Newark Shuttle to Penn Station

Traveling via Shuttle

Have you ever traveled in a shuttle from Newark airport? If not, it’s possibly time you should start. More elegant to book than taxis and more flexible than a public transit option, shuttles are a great way to get to your destination. They’re convenient, luxurious, and peaceful.

Penn Station Neighborhood

Pennsylvania Station, more commonly known as Penn Station, is the main railway station in New York, serving more than 600,000 passengers each day. This crowded, bustling station in midtown Manhattan was first built in 1901-1910, but was rebuilt in the 1950s. It sits beneath Madison Square Garden, smack in the middle of many tourist attractions and beautiful sights. Buses, subways, Amtrack trains, and many other types of connection can be made at Penn Station, but you may also want to visit just for the sights of the most famous train station in New York.

Also, you can see the variants of Newark to Manhattan shuttle if you change your plans!

Newark to Penn Station Shuttle List

These shuttles will all get you to Penn Station with less fuss and hassle.

  • GO Airlink NYC: For the low price of $24, GO Airlink will get you from your airport down to Penn Station. Up to eleven people can ride, though of course each person will have to pay their own fare. Each person may bring two bags. Tolls and tips aren’t included in this price.
  • All Country Express: All of All Country’s EWR-Manhattan services are $125.00. This sounds steep, but you can bring eleven people on them, so if you book in a group it’s very economical. With a full bus load you’ll be paying less than twelve bucks each.
  • GroundLink: Groundlink’s $86 fare is steep, but the cars can carry three people each, and toll and tips are figured into the cost. Thirty minutes of curbside waiting add an extra draw: you know you won’t have to hurry quite so much coming out.
  • Black Lane: Blacklane’s eco-friendly car, thirty minutes of waiting, and included tips and tolls add up to a $94 trip. Three people, with two bags each, may ride in the car.
  • Talixo: For $109 this service offers forty-five minutes of waiting at the curb. Four people and four bags can go into the car, with gratuity included but tolls not factored into the final price. This being the economy class, more expensive options are available as well.

Get the Shuttle You Deserve

No matter where you’re going, you deserve a pleasant and peaceful journey with plenty of time to relax before the next leg. Whether you’re continuing on to new adventures or just going home to rest, a shuttle is a great way to get to your destination. And now you know how to book one efficiently. Happy traveling!

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