Newark Shuttle to Grand Central – Fast and Easy

Travel by Shuttle

If you’ve never traveled by EWR transport, it’s time for you to feel the difference in quality. Comfortable and easy, shuttles can be booked many days in advance and will even wait for you at the airport, removing the hassle of calling for a taxi or trying to get to public transportation.

Grand Central Station: Fast Facts

Grand Central Terminal is one of the largest terminals in New York – and, with 44 platforms, by one measure it’s the largest one in the world. Intricate designs on both the inside and the outside make it a popular tourist destination for viewing as well as for traveling from. The terminal was opened in 1871, and rebuilt in 1913, and then again in 1994-2000. Grand Central Station is on several registers of historically important buildings and sites, and its long history in midtown Manhattan makes for an interesting story indeed. But whether you’re going as a tourist or just to get to your transfer, you should know how to get there.

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Newark to Grand Central Shuttle List

These shuttles will all take you from Newark airport to Grand Central Station quickly, easily, and comfortably.

  • GO AirLink NYC: Eleven passengers with two bags can ride in this van, which charges $24 per person. This very reasonable fee unfortunately does not include either gratuity or tolls, which you will have to pay on site, but is still a bargain considering the typical price of a shuttle.
  • SuperShuttle: SuperShuttle’s buses can ride up to ten passengers with a fare of about $25 each. Two bags per person and included tolls make it a good option for groups. SuperShuttle is a well-known service that delivers high-quality rides, so you know you’ll have plenty of reviews to draw on.
  • All Country Express: All of All Country’s EWR-Manhattan services are $125.00. Expensive? Yes, but you have to keep in mind that these are group bookings and the van can hold up to eleven people. With a full load, you’ll pay just twelve bucks or so each.
  • GroundLink: Groundlink’s $86 fare is steep, but the cars can carry three people each, so you can split it. Thirty minutes of curbside waiting and included taxes, tolls, and tips make it a more appealing proposition yet.
  • Black Lane: Blacklane’s economy model includes thirty minutes of waiting and tips and tolls which all adds up to a $94 trip. Three people can ride in each car and two bags are allowed.

Get the Best Shuttle Options

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or newly discovering the world, you deserve the most comfortable shuttle options. With these simple suggestions, you can get them easier than ever before. Enjoy your ride!

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