What You Need to Know about Newark to Manhattan Shuttle

Shuttles for Airport Travel

Ever had to get from your airport to another airport, to a hotel, or to a train station quickly? It’s a pain, but shuttles can help. Prompt, luxurious, and comfortable, airport shuttle Newark service is more personal and flexible than a bus yet often cheaper than a taxi, and certainly easier to book.

Basic Manhattan Facts

Founded on November 1, 1683, Manhattan is the oldest borough of New York, and thus the original. You might say that the spirit of New York resides most potently in Manhattan. The UN Headquarters, Wall Street, the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Central Park are all in Manhattan, which is densely-packed with 1.5 million people. If you’re looking for history, then Manhattan is a great place to go. You can expect to hear many languages, especially Chinese and Spanish, as you travel through the borough.

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Newark Shuttle to Manhattan List

These shuttles are some of the best options for getting to Manhattan. We’ve calculated each price by distance to Times Square to give you an approximation of the average Newark to Manhattan price.

  • SuperShuttle: SuperShuttle’s Shared Van Ride service is only $25 to Manhattan, offering an affordable option for those of you traveling alone. This price is per passenger, rather than per van. Tip isn’t included, tolls are.
  • GroundLink: It’s currently $86 to travel with Groundlink, including tolls and tip. GroundLink offers as an additional service 30 minutes of waiting at the airport in case your plane should be delayed.
  • Black Lane: Black Lane’s professional executive car services will run you about $95, their three-passenger car also waiting 30 minutes outside the airport. Their eco-friendly cars make them a good choice for the environmentally conscious.
  • Execucar: Not including tip, Execucar’s $108 service again includes 30 minutes of waiting; this will-call vehicle can transport three passengers and three pieces of luggage.
  • Limo Star NY: For $110 you can get meet and greet service from Limo Star NY, although not in a limo. Tolls and tips are both included.
  • All Country Express: All Country Express’s Manhattan shuttle service is $125, in a vehicle that seats up to eleven passengers. You can split the cost eleven way to just under twelve dollars a person, so if you’re traveling in a large group, this is a great way to go.

Get the Newark to Manhattan Shuttle Easily

Whether you’re traveling to Manhattan for the first time or simply booking your trip back home, there’s no doubt that the shuttle service you choose is integral to the smoothness of your journey. You deserve a great trip that’s peaceful and calm. We hope to have helped you in achieving that goal with our shuttle suggestions.

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