Get Newark Shuttle to Port Authority and Enjoy Your Ride

Finding a Shuttle

Getting from Newark to Port Authority isn’t always the easiest trip. Between the hassle of flying and the traffic when you get off, it can be difficult to find a transportation method that really works for you. Newark airport shuttle, however, is a great solution. Usually moderate in price when considered in light of passenger numbers, they’re comfortable and easy to book.

Port Authority Overview

Port Authority bus terminal is a major gateway for interstate buses between New Jersey and New York. It’s located near Times Square in western Manhattan and the world’s largest LED mediamesh is displayed there for those of you interested in records and landmarks. The largest bus terminal in the United States, it serves about 225,000 on an average weekday. The terminal was opened in 1950 and ever since, New York has been that much easier to get to from New Jersey. Port Authority is an essential stop if you’re intended to take the bus lines in New York.

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Newark to Port Authority Shuttle List

These shuttles provide some of the easiest ways to get to Port Authority from Newark.

  • Supershuttle: Supershuttle’s economy van service costs $24; you can expect to share the van with up to 10 passengers. Tip isn’t included, but all tolls are, so you won’t have to worry about fumbling through your change.
  • Caramel Limo: A full sized sedan ride to Port Authority will generally run you about $46.00 with Caramel. Tolls and tips are not included in this calculation. If you’re more into taking a limo, you can expect to shell out $204.00 for the cheapest option.
  • Go Air Link Shuttle: GO Airlink NYC’s shuttle service runs $24 per person, including two bags, for the cheapest option. This is quite a bargain, but includes neither tolls nor tips, so make sure you budget for those.
  • All County Express Shuttle: All Country Express shuttles offer private rides to any destination in Manhattan, including Port Authority. With a $125 price tag it seems steep to pay, but given that the van can take eleven passengers, group books are economical if you fill the bus.
  • GroundLink: Currently on sale for $86, Groundlink’s three-person car allows three pieces of luggage and includes all tolls and tips. They wait for you at the curb for thirty minutes, so if you’re hoping not to rush out of the airport in a flurry, this service’s extra price tag might be well worth it to you.

Get the Shuttle You Need

You need a comfortable ride that can get you to Port Authority quickly and simply. We can help you get it. Travel will become so much less of a hassle with just a little bit of help.

You deserve the best, so find out more now to get the best in Newark shuttle to Port Authority.